The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Ep 168 - The very funny comedian Jenny Toews on sitcoms, pets, trees and travel!

Follow her on twitter - @jennytaves

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Ep 167 - We ignore the classic movie Total Recall, talk about Klingons, McBain, Seattle and David Lynch.


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Ep 166 - It's a bicoastal episode with Nova Scotia's very funny Stefan MacNeil on comedy careers, online critics, big cities and festivals!

Follow him on twitter - @stefanmacneil

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Ep 165 - We ignore the movie Catch Me If You Can, talk about space fights, disappearing acts, infomercial inventions and film study. 

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Ep 164 - The very funny comedian Chris Griffin on growing up in Calgary, journalism and writing!

Follow him on twitter - @gristopher

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