The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Ep 159 - We beat the heat and ignore the movie Fargo, talk about sequelitis, being so '90s, fun-time rapping and bad hair.

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Ep 158 - The incredibly talented Kerri Donaldson on improv, awkward mixers, moving to Vancouver and puns!

Follower her on twitter - @Kerrithatweight

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Ep 157 - The hilarious comedian Andy Canete returns to the Power Hour for a hangout with both Steve and John. We catch up and talk about Segways, extra work and his Fringe show 'Porn and Pinochet' playing from August 26 - September 6 in Victoria and from September 10 - 20 in Vancouver!

For dates and showtimes, go to -

and follow Andy on twitter - @andycanete

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Ep 156 - Comedian Eve Darcy joins us all the way from Ireland to talk about growing up, enjoying yourself without feeling bad about it, and how to teetotal for fun and profit!

Follower her on twttier @EveDarcy1 

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