The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Ep 155 - We ignore the movie Oblivion, talk about slap bass, party rocking, action films and YouTube homework!

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Ep 154 - The phenomenal Vancouver band Wild/Kind joins us for a great big hangout with Johnny, Matt, Lindsay and Natalie. We talk about East Coast rock, the upcoming EP 'Lets Sail!', fashion sense and we find out just who the band heart throb is!

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Ep 153 - We ignore the movie Man of Steeltalk about Supermen, famous fake accents, video games and talking-animal movies! 

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Ep 152 - The very funny comedian Brad Dorion on comic books, comedy, geeks vs nerds and advice for new stand-ups.

See him host Mermaid Comedy at the Railway Club

Follow him on twitter - @brad_loves_you

Find all his dates -

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Ep 151 - We ignore the movie City of Godtalk about wooden bowties, train grumps, Canadian earworms and reality TV voice overs!

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