The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Ep 135 - We talk about the movie Angels & Demons, Easter, vapes, power moves and interns!

And Steve's Big Idea is still a segment!

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Ep 134 - Punk rocker, radio host and future hotdogslinger Matt Hagarty talks to us music, Star Trek, comedy and his new restaurant What's Up Hotdog!

Listen to him on Citr The Matt and Ryan Show!

Check the out on iTunes!

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Ep 133 - We talk about the movie Noah, karaoke, Oasis, ghost bros and green jello!

And Steve's Big Idea will get you moving!

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Ep 132 - Award-winning filmmaker Mina Shum (Double Happiness, Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity, Mob Princess, I Saw You) talks to us about Vancouver punk rock, multiculturalism, comedy, a career in cinema and her upcoming feature documentary Ninth Floor!

Follow her on twitter - @MinaShum

Find her online -

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