The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Ep 131 - We talk about the movie Eraser, Ugly Betty stars, the '90s, wave pools and the pacific northwest!

And Steve's Big Idea will get you pumped!

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Ep 130 - Caitlin Howden shares tales of improv, acting, growing up in Montreal, performing with Vancouver's phenomenal Sunday Service and being a leader of the new school at Blind Tiger Comedy!

Follow her on twitter! @caitlinhowden

Learn improv and comedy!

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Ep 129 - It's the first all-new episode of 2K15! We talk about the movie Cloud Atlas, wizard schools, marios, song lyrics and wrestlers!

And Steve's Big Idea will make mornings easier!

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Ep 128 - It's the Best Big Ideas of 2014! We've combed the archives from the last year to bring you very best (maybe) Steve's Big Ideas in our annual clip show extravaganza!