The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Ep 173 - We ignore Jim Carrey's The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and talk about Star Wars, chocolate, vegetarian steak houses and Amsterdam!

It's the last episode of 2015! 

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Ep 172 - The very funny Joey Commisso on comedy, stand up and professional wrestling!

Follow him on twitter - @joeycommisso

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Ep 171 - We ignore the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?, talk about Creed, Hair Cuts, Stevie Nicks and Dad Jokes (because - surprise! - Steve is going to be a dad)

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Ep 170 - The always entertaining Tia Glenn-Cooke on improv, stand up and positivity!

Follow her on twitter - @Terrible_Tia


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Ep 169 - We ignore the movie Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and talk about wrestlers, space operas and video games.

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Ep 168 - The very funny comedian Jenny Toews on sitcoms, pets, trees and travel!

Follow her on twitter - @jennytaves

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Ep 167 - We ignore the classic movie Total Recall, talk about Klingons, McBain, Seattle and David Lynch.


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Ep 166 - It's a bicoastal episode with Nova Scotia's very funny Stefan MacNeil on comedy careers, online critics, big cities and festivals!

Follow him on twitter - @stefanmacneil

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Ep 165 - We ignore the movie Catch Me If You Can, talk about space fights, disappearing acts, infomercial inventions and film study. 

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Ep 164 - The very funny comedian Chris Griffin on growing up in Calgary, journalism and writing!

Follow him on twitter - @gristopher

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Ep 163 - It's a special express episode where we ignore the movie Young Frankenstein, talk about Narcos, car yoga, meet cutes and Xbox. 

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Ep 162 - The incredibly funny Stuart Jones on pizza, stand-up comedy, Kelowna and social media!

Follow him on twitter - @Stooert_J

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Ep 161 - We ignore the movie Nightcrawler, talk about commercials, Al Pacino, record clubs and the PNE!

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Ep 160 - The very funny improvisor Ryan Anderson on roommates, tractors, New York and various stooges! 

Follow him on twitter - @ItsRyanAnderson

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Ep 159 - We beat the heat and ignore the movie Fargo, talk about sequelitis, being so '90s, fun-time rapping and bad hair.

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Ep 158 - The incredibly talented Kerri Donaldson on improv, awkward mixers, moving to Vancouver and puns!

Follower her on twitter - @Kerrithatweight

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Ep 157 - The hilarious comedian Andy Canete returns to the Power Hour for a hangout with both Steve and John. We catch up and talk about Segways, extra work and his Fringe show 'Porn and Pinochet' playing from August 26 - September 6 in Victoria and from September 10 - 20 in Vancouver!

For dates and showtimes, go to -

and follow Andy on twitter - @andycanete

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Ep 156 - Comedian Eve Darcy joins us all the way from Ireland to talk about growing up, enjoying yourself without feeling bad about it, and how to teetotal for fun and profit!

Follower her on twttier @EveDarcy1 

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Ep 155 - We ignore the movie Oblivion, talk about slap bass, party rocking, action films and YouTube homework!

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Ep 154 - The phenomenal Vancouver band Wild/Kind joins us for a great big hangout with Johnny, Matt, Lindsay and Natalie. We talk about East Coast rock, the upcoming EP 'Lets Sail!', fashion sense and we find out just who the band heart throb is!

For tracks and downloads go to -

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Ep 153 - We ignore the movie Man of Steeltalk about Supermen, famous fake accents, video games and talking-animal movies! 

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Ep 152 - The very funny comedian Brad Dorion on comic books, comedy, geeks vs nerds and advice for new stand-ups.

See him host Mermaid Comedy at the Railway Club

Follow him on twitter - @brad_loves_you

Find all his dates -

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Ep 151 - We ignore the movie City of Godtalk about wooden bowties, train grumps, Canadian earworms and reality TV voice overs!

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Ep 150 - We talk to the hilarious Amber Harper-Young about comedy, improv, basketball and moving to Vancouver!

See her host Vancouverite at Hot Art Wet City

Follow her on twitter - @amberdalesy

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Ep 149 - We ignore the movie  Airplane!, talk about Westerns, Father's Day, cringe rap and game shows! 

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Ep 148 - The incredible Allison Melech talks about improv, growing up as a performer and diving into the world of stand-up comedy!

See her June 10th at Stand-Up & Deliver! Comedy Open Mic at Seven Dining Lounge!

Follow her on twitter - @allisonmelech 

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Ep 147 - We ignore the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), talk about surfer accents, Kids In The Hall, riverboats, gym ninjas, manbuns and nihilist arby's!

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Ep 146 - Vancouver funnyman Harris Anderson talks about doing standup, funny movies, finding voices and acting out!

Catch him at The Kino Cafe and watch out for him around town!

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Ep 145 - We ignore the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day, talk about the new Mad Max, baby geese, standup comedy, conversation clothes and certain types of ska.

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Ep 144 - The hilarious Stacey McLachlan joins us to talk about comedy, writing, going to school in a Zellers and wearing a beard of bees!

Follow her on Twitter @mclachtopus

Read her words

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Ep 143 - We ignore the movie Little Nicky, talk about hunting relics, getting caught in the rain, Arquettes and have a huge Matt and Ryan Show Crossover!

And Steve's Big Idea takes the week off!

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Ep 142 - The very funny Brent Constantine joins us to talk about moving to Vancouver, hosting shows, funny videos and dating on tv!

Follow him on Twitter @brentholomew

Check out his comedy shows Vancouverite, Comics on Comics and Why? Stand-up!


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Ep 141 - We ignore the movie Batman Returns, talk about easy impressions, book shelf bragging, pet bonding and camping!

And Steve's Big Idea is a summer favourite!

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Ep 140 - Vancouver improv impresario Cam Macleod joins us to talk about comedy, running shows, tv pilots and emceeing weddings!

Follow him on twitter and instagram! @ClamMacleod

See him in Matterhon improv the first Tuesday of everymonth, 9pm @ the China CloudSee the Hero Show the 2nd Thursday of everymonth, 9pm @ the China Cloudand catch the shows Sidekicks and Turds of Wisdom on the last Thursday (alternating months) @ the China Cloud

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Ep 139 - We ignore the movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Fan Expo Vancouver, ukulele abuse, life imitating AFV and Brent Spiner!

And Steve's Big Idea is brings the great outdoors!

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Ep 138 - The very funny Kevin Banner joins us to talk about comedy, tattoos and marking out over pro wrestling!

Follow him on twitter! @BannerComedy

Catch him at the Comedy Mix from April 30 - May 2 opening for Chad Daniels!

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Ep 137 - We ignore the movie Jack the Giant Slayer, Spock, bad fake Russian accents, the prairies and greeting cards!

And Steve's Big Idea is made to order!

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Ep 136 - Taz VanRassel regales us with stories of improv, growing up in Vancouver, crystals, performing with Vancouver's phenomenal Sunday Service and teaching the next generation improv phenoms at Blind Tiger Comedy!

Follow him on twitter! @Tazvanrassel

Learn improv and comedy!

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Ep 135 - We talk about the movie Angels & Demons, Easter, vapes, power moves and interns!

And Steve's Big Idea is still a segment!

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Ep 134 - Punk rocker, radio host and future hotdogslinger Matt Hagarty talks to us music, Star Trek, comedy and his new restaurant What's Up Hotdog!

Listen to him on Citr The Matt and Ryan Show!

Check the out on iTunes!

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Ep 133 - We talk about the movie Noah, karaoke, Oasis, ghost bros and green jello!

And Steve's Big Idea will get you moving!

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Ep 132 - Award-winning filmmaker Mina Shum (Double Happiness, Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity, Mob Princess, I Saw You) talks to us about Vancouver punk rock, multiculturalism, comedy, a career in cinema and her upcoming feature documentary Ninth Floor!

Follow her on twitter - @MinaShum

Find her online -

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Ep 131 - We talk about the movie Eraser, Ugly Betty stars, the '90s, wave pools and the pacific northwest!

And Steve's Big Idea will get you pumped!

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Ep 130 - Caitlin Howden shares tales of improv, acting, growing up in Montreal, performing with Vancouver's phenomenal Sunday Service and being a leader of the new school at Blind Tiger Comedy!

Follow her on twitter! @caitlinhowden

Learn improv and comedy!

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Ep 129 - It's the first all-new episode of 2K15! We talk about the movie Cloud Atlas, wizard schools, marios, song lyrics and wrestlers!

And Steve's Big Idea will make mornings easier!

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Ep 128 - It's the Best Big Ideas of 2014! We've combed the archives from the last year to bring you very best (maybe) Steve's Big Ideas in our annual clip show extravaganza!