The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Ep 127 - It's the last episode of 2K14! We talk about the movie Romeo + Juliet (1996), hobbits, cartoon action heroes, cookies and magic!

And Steve's Big Idea keeps on giving.

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Ep 126 - Nicole Passmore hangs out and talks about improv, growing up on an island, big moves, pasta and answers your questions!

Follow her on twitter! @nlpassmore

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Ep 125 - It's the Christmas episode! We talk about the movie Christmas with the Kranks, new carols, kid stars, poe's law and hangover cures.

And Steve's Big Idea is on vacation.

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Ep 124 - Malcom Jack, currently of Dada Plan and formally of Sun Wizard and Capitol 6, invited us over to his studio/lair to talk about producing, writing music, break dancing and soundcloud comments

Listen to Malcom Jack -

Listen to Dada Plan - A Dada Plan Is Free

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Ep 123 - We talk about the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, impressions, meat houses, hot drinks and business names.

And Steve's Big Idea has the sweet smell of success!

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