The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Ep 118 features Calgary's favourite snack food reviewer, Jeremy Curry!

We talk about Shrek, talking-animal movies, cowboy hats, snacks and the best new music!

Follow Jeremy on Twitter: @jerbeeaarrr

Read his words in FFWD Weekly!

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Episode 117 - We talk about the movie Adams Family Values, overpowered babies, life hacks, civic duty and the best rock band in the world.

And Steve's Big Idea sucks, but in a good way!

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Ep 116 features Vancouver's Best Late Night Radio Host*, Casey-Jo Loos of the Peak!

We talk about projecting, reality TV, island life, DJ dads and getting paid to talk to people!

Follow Casey-Jo - @caseyjoloos

Listen to her on the Peak! - Wed-Fri: 6pm - 11pm Sat & Sun: 2pm - 8pm

*according to The Georgia Straight's Best of Vancouver 2014!

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Episode 115 - We talk about the movie Kingpin, chin beards, hockey monsters, blowing and bucket hats.

And Steve's Big Idea will bring people together!

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