The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Ep 114 features the incendiary Calgary rocker, PJ Lavergne of Napalmpom!

We talk karaoke, musical theatre, playing with your heroes, sports and the international language of rock and roll!

Follow PJ - @EffinPeej

Follow Napalmpom - @Napalmpom

Pre-older the album The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom!

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Episode 113 - We talk about the movie Office Space, Aqua Man, improv troop names, Friends and famous Orlandos.

And Steve's Big Idea will get you noticed!

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Ep 112 features the very talented Vancouver actor and improviser, Stevie Jackson!

We talk working as a Canadian actor, being on Supernatural, teaching people how to be safe around pork and her favourite podcast!

And keep an eye out for her upcoming projects - Stevie's IMDB

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Episode 111 - We talk about the movie The Campaign, Portland, cable news, Sega Dreamcast and TV families.

And Steve's Big Idea get's you away from it all!

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Ep 110 features the hilarious Vancouver comedian and actor, Adam Pateman!

We talk growing up in White Rock and the Yukon, teaching comedy classes, working at a local famous science museum and doing standup in New York!

Find his upcoming dates and hear his jokes -

Read his tweets - @AdamPateman

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