The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Episode 109 - We talk about the movie The Amazing Spider-Man, celebrity replacements, wrestling, robots and the wild.

And Steve's Big Idea is kinda buggy!

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Episode 108 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the very funny Vancouver comedian, Andrew MacLachlan!

We talk about getting recognized through comedy, higher education, podcasting and hilarious tumblrs!

Hear his jokes - here

Read his tweets - @AndrewMacLac

Check out his tumblr -
It's Episode 108!
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Episode 107 - We talk about the movie Battleship, artisanal beverages, drama rock, kid spys and radio taping.

And Steve's Big Idea is for two for one special!

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Episode 106 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the Vancouver musician and member of the Matinee, Geoff Petrie!

We talk about making music, cooking food, touring adventures and righteous tattoos!

Listen to his band - The Matinee

Follow them on twitter - @thematineemusic

Read his tweets - @OhGeffro

It's Episode 106!

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