The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Episode 105 - We talk about the movie Red Heat, animal planets, brass, late '90s fashion and night markets.

And Steve's Big Idea is for the celebration generation!

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Episode 104 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the journeyman Vancouver musician, Shawn Mrazek!

We talk about playing in every band, the difference between drums and guitar, being positive and how music has changed!

Listen to his bands - 

Shawn Mrazek Lives!


The Evaporators

Read his tweets - @Mrazek_Lives

It's Episode 104!

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Episode 103 - We talk about the movie It, bad haircuts, danicas, night court and greasers.

And Steve's Big Idea is fun in the sun!

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Episode 102 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the prolific Vancouver improviser, actor and podcaster, Brent Hirose!

We talk about improv, acting, voice-over and general nerdery!

Listen to his podcast - Brent and Morgan are Huge Nerds

Read his tweets - @BrentHirose

Learn improv - Instant Theatre

It's Episode 102!

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Episode 101 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the very talented Vancouver screenwriter, Zack Mosley

We talk about the movie Pain and Gain, '70s sci-fi, palindromes, screening at Cannes and Columbo!

Keep up with his projects and read his tweets - @zackjmosley

It's Episode 101!

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