The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John
Episode 53 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is taking it from the beach to the big screen! And by that we mean John went to the beach and Steve went to the movies.
We talk about hotels, dragons, american bands and undercover nerds.

And Steve's Big Idea is two scoops of amazing!

It's Episode 53!

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Episode 52 of the Steve and John Power Hour features Vancouver movie reviewer and morning show personality, Thor Diakow!

Thor hangs out and lets us behind the velvet rope of the world of broadcasting and movie reviewing while answering all your questions, like: What's so great about movies right now? What's the best film of 2013? and What's Thor's favourite movie?

Watch Breakfast Television mornings on Citytv and follow Thor on twitter @ThorDiakow

It's Episode 52!

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Episode 51 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is kicking out the summer jams! And by jams we mean entertaining jibs, quips and riffs!
We talk about beachy things, frozen treats, Superman and afternoon animation.

And Steve's Big Idea is the best one yet (according to John)!

It's Episode 51!

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Episode 50 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the hilarious Toronto comic, Sarah Ford!

Sarah makes 'em laugh across the country with her off-kilter observational comedy that covers everything from history and puppies to science and human weirdos.

We got to hang out when she was in town and we had some seriously good times talking about her journey from Calgary to Toronto, her time in awesome bands, Pokemon and spaghetti-pizza!

Keep an eye out for her upcoming history podcast, Then Everyone Died, and follow her on twitter @EveryoneDied !

It's Episode 50!

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Episode 49 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is a post-Canada Day post-celebration! 
We talk about John's borscht adventure, Rick Moranis, camping, Christopher Walken and first jobs.

And Steve's Big Idea is ready to hit the beach!

It's Episode 49!

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