The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Episode 35 of the Steve and John Power Hour is like a big chocolate Easter bunny: is it solid and full of goodness or is it a hollow shell filled with only promises. Or is it a peep? Anyway it's the Easter episode.

We talk about recognizable but non-famous actors, getting ready for the '90s again, and John reminds us that kids are not bats. 

And Steve's big idea ends the hunt for the best idea yet!

It's Episode 35!

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Episode 34 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features Vancouver's psychedelic synth experience, The Stolen Organ Family!

Conor Mack, Kelly Badger, Devin "Baby Boy" Bass, Bella McKee and Alex Zandersticks are The Stolen Organ Family Band and John got to hang out with them in their jam space to talk about music, the essence of brown-ness and Ween.

Make sure to stick around after the episode to hear The Stolen Organ Family's "Perfect Driving Record" from the album Cooking with Joyboy. And make sure to check them out online at

It's Episode 34!

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Episode 33 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features the triumphant return of Another One Rides the Bus with DJ / Bus Driver, Chris O'Bray.

Chris joins us in the Tower of Power to talk about composing video game music, driving buses and spinning stacks of wax. And Steve's Big Idea is his most plausible yet, so buckle up!

It's Episode 33!

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Episode 32 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features one of the hardest working musicians in Vancouver!

Drummer extraordinaire, Al Boyle, joins us to talk about his 15-some-odd bands (Chains of Love, Hard Feelings and Shitty Neighours to name a few), his life going up in music and homemade wine in Croatia. 

Check out Al Boyle online at hrdfeelings.tumblr and check out Chains of Love at SXSW!

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