The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Episode 75 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is counting down to the New Year in style!

We talk about Kevin Costner's Robin Hood, dying hard, accent appeal and dog armor.

And Steve's Big Idea doesn't need to toot it's own horn!

It's Episode 75!

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Episode 74 of the Steve and John Power Hour features an extended hangout with the awesome Vancouver band, Village!

We talk about music, food bets, interesting drinks, dressing up like '90s cult TV shows and having great tone.

Find them on Facebook -

on twitter - @villageyvr

and listen to them on bandcamp -

It's Episode 74!

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Episode 73 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is decking the halls and jingling all the way!

We talk about Flight of the Navigator, animated cartoon families, flying brothers and impressions.

And Steve's Big Idea fits like a glove!

It's Episode 73!

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Episode 72 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the very funny comedian, Graham Clark.

We talk about his career in comedy, growing up in Calgary and he answers the question: "Podcasting, eh?"

Find him online at
on twitter @grahamclark‎
and listen to his hilarious podcast

It's Episode 72!

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Episode 71 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is both holly and jolly and keeps the x in Xmas!

We talk about Christmas creepin', M.Night Shyamalan, furry bandits and Breckin versus Lochlyn.

And Steve's Big Idea is a regular zen arcade!

It's Episode 71!

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Episode 70 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the multi-talented actor and DJ, Derek Gilroy.

We talk about his career in acting, working with the likes of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Matt Damon, being on Supernatural and the trials and tribulations of being a DJ.

And keep an eye out for his new action-horror film Evil Feed!

It's Episode 70!

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Episode 69 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is like your first real six-string bought at the five-and-dime!

We talk about Nick Cage, Jennifers, Zombie Ninjas and blaming it on the rain.

And Steve's Big Idea reminds you to keep fit and have fun!

It's Episode 69!

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Episode 68 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the very talented folk-pop musician, Jordan Klassen!

We talk about videogames, growing up in BC and Calgary, the peak performance project and his new album 'Repentance'.

Listen to Repentance and check out tour dates @

It's Episode 68!

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Episode 67 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is a hot slice of podcast pizza fresh out of the oven!

We talk about in-flight cinema, album sequels, English comedians and super hammers.

And Steve's Big Idea is one you'll really fall for!

It's Episode 67!

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Episode 66 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the very funny comic and author, Charlie Demers!

We talk about teaching, The Debaters, Canadian television and being a comedian!

Follow him on twitter @charliedemers

Download his stand-up

It's Episode 66!

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Episode 65 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John our annual Halloween episode!

We talk about Steve's amazing costume, This is England, tattoos and new movies. 

And Steve's Big Idea is all about love!

It's Episode 65!

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Episode 64 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the multitalented folk-punk songstress, Billy 'The Kid' Pettinger!

We talk about writing books, creating art, a career in punk, authenticity and warped touring!

Find her online at

It's Episode 64!

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Episode 63 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is kicking off pumpkin month with spooky good times!

We talk about harvest memories, the zero kids, feuding families and way too much about musical theatre. 

And Steve's Big Idea might be all washed up!

It's Episode 63!

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Episode 62 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the very funny radio sensation, Pat Kelly!

We talk about growing up in Calgary, improv theatre, kicking it as a PJ on YTV and being part of the hilarious news satire program, This Is That!

It's Episode 62!

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Episode 61 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is your passport to excellent adventures south of the border!
We talk about Mexican wrestling, interesting potato chips and syndicated motorcyclists. 

And Steve's Big Idea is ready and set to give you a leg up!

It's Episode 61!
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Episode 60 of the Steve and John Power Hour features Vancouver's psychedelic pop troubadour, Johnny de Courcy!

We talk about rock and roll, mediation and screen printing parties.

Listen to his music online at:

And if you're in Western Canada in the next two months, catching at one of his upcoming shows:
August 31st SUN FEST @ the Polish Community Centre
September 27th Victoria @ The Copper Owl
October 30th Jasper, BC @ TBA
October 31st Edmonton, AB @ Wunderbar HALLOWEEN

And don't forget to check out this rock and roll print shop, Pinhole Printing

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Episode 59 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is your cure for the back to school blues!
We talk about Maniac Cop, Netflix, Welsh spellings and Maniac Cop some more!

And Steve's Big Idea is totally bumpin'!

It's Episode 59!

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Episode 58 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the president of Vancouver's premier indie comic incubator, Jeff Ellis of Cloudscape Comics! 

We talk about his life in comics (like his comic Teach English in Japan), how Cloudscape helps local artists develop (and get seen) and the future of comic books!

Find them at:


It's episode 58!

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Episode 57 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is just what you need for the dog days of summer!
We talk about action figure films, weird faces, circus school and literary recluses.

And Steve's Big Idea is the pick of the litter!

It's Episode 57!

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Episode 56 of the Steve and John Power Hour features Vancouver's internet viral sensation: Convos With my 2 Year Old! But more specifically, the two guys behind the laughs, Matt Clarke and David Milchard!

We find out how the series came to be, what it's like to go viral and what's inside the mind of a 2 year old. Hint: it might have something to do with cookies.

Find them online at:

It's episode 56!

Episode 55 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is tardy to the party, but ready for good times!
We talk about Richard Dreyfuss, John's crowd-sourcing campaign, horrible sitcoms and great shows you promise to watch but never do.

And Steve's Big Idea will move you!

It's Episode 55!

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Episode 54 of the Steve and John Power Hour features Vancouver's very funny comedian, Ivan Decker.

Ivan shares stories from his career in comedy, teaches us how to deal with tough crowds and why it's important to keep the jokes fresh. And Street Fighter. 

Follow Ivan on twitter @ivandecker , watch for Ivan around town and catch him in Calgary at the end of August and in New Westminster at Laff Lines.

It's Episode 54!

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Episode 53 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is taking it from the beach to the big screen! And by that we mean John went to the beach and Steve went to the movies.
We talk about hotels, dragons, american bands and undercover nerds.

And Steve's Big Idea is two scoops of amazing!

It's Episode 53!

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Episode 52 of the Steve and John Power Hour features Vancouver movie reviewer and morning show personality, Thor Diakow!

Thor hangs out and lets us behind the velvet rope of the world of broadcasting and movie reviewing while answering all your questions, like: What's so great about movies right now? What's the best film of 2013? and What's Thor's favourite movie?

Watch Breakfast Television mornings on Citytv and follow Thor on twitter @ThorDiakow

It's Episode 52!

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Episode 51 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is kicking out the summer jams! And by jams we mean entertaining jibs, quips and riffs!
We talk about beachy things, frozen treats, Superman and afternoon animation.

And Steve's Big Idea is the best one yet (according to John)!

It's Episode 51!

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Episode 50 of the Steve and John Power Hour features the hilarious Toronto comic, Sarah Ford!

Sarah makes 'em laugh across the country with her off-kilter observational comedy that covers everything from history and puppies to science and human weirdos.

We got to hang out when she was in town and we had some seriously good times talking about her journey from Calgary to Toronto, her time in awesome bands, Pokemon and spaghetti-pizza!

Keep an eye out for her upcoming history podcast, Then Everyone Died, and follow her on twitter @EveryoneDied !

It's Episode 50!

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Episode 49 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is a post-Canada Day post-celebration! 
We talk about John's borscht adventure, Rick Moranis, camping, Christopher Walken and first jobs.

And Steve's Big Idea is ready to hit the beach!

It's Episode 49!

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Episode 48 of the Steve and John Power Hour features Vancouver's Shawna Mauchline, aka the burlesque sensation Voodoo Pixie!

By day she's a mild-mannered animator, but by night she's reviving the theatrical camp of yesteryear by producing and performing in burlesque shows across Vancouver.

Shawna took some time to hang out and answer our questions like: What's a career in burlesque look like? How do you get your start? How do you make a bikini top out of old vinyl records?

It's Episode 48!

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Episode 47 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features the triumphant return of John Packman! 
We talk about John's European adventure, Wrestling, movies and zombie aliens.

And Steve's Big Idea will have you resting easy!

It's Episode 47!

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Episode 46 of the Steve and John Power Hour features Ben Brown of Somatone Interactive!

As VP of Audio Services for Somatone Canada, Ben has worked on hundreds of video games and he shares with us his unique observations and insights from the world of audio design and voice over. Think you have what it takes to become the next David Hayter or John DiMaggio?

It's Episode 46!

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Episode 45 of the Steve and John Power Hour once again has special guest-host Lauren Venegas filling in for John. Because John is somewhere in Europe. Probably France.
We talk about famous cheeses, Sigur Ros, new movies and message board etiquette.

And Steve's Big Idea so great, you're going to need to sit down when you hear it!

It's Episode 45!

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Episode 44 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and Lauren features Vancouver's up-and-coming slacker pop band The Courtneys!

We got to hang out in their jam space and talk about Slurpees, conquering the internet, being your own paparazzi, baseball, and their new self-titled album coming out June 7 on Hockey Dad Records!

Find them on:

twitter -

bandcamp -

facebook -

instagram -

ustream -

It's episode 44!

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Episode 43 of the Steve and John Power Hour has a very special co-host filling in while John is in Europe: the one and only Lauren Venegs!

We talk about roller coasters, house guests, ghost shows and magic movies. And Lauren.

And Steve's Big Idea is a must see!

It's Episode 43!

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Episode 42 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features Vancouver tattooer extraordinaire Chris Hold.

Not only is Chris the official tattooer of the Power Hour, but he's also making waves right now with his contributions to new exhibit: "Tattoos & Scrimshaw: The Art of the Sailor” at the Vancouver Maritime Museum! 

We talk about his career, industry trends, tattooing in reality TV and more. You can check out his work online at and you can check him out at Sacred Heart Tattoo in downtown Vancouver!

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Episode 41 of the Steve and John Power Hour has your transatlantic tag-team bringing you the good times.

We talk about Grease, science bros, cell phone plans and in-flight movies. And John will be in England for next month, so savour the flavour!

And Steve's Big Idea extremely shreds!

It's Episode 41!

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Episode 40 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features Juno-nominated singer-songwriter and synth-popster Louise Burns!

We talk about growing up in Cranbrook, touring in a teen pop band, meeting Madonna, her work with Gold and Youth and her new sophomore album, The Midnight Mass, coming out July 9 on Light Organ Records!

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Episode 39 of the Steve and John Power Hour is your one stop shop for all things Steve and John. Or something.
We talk about 2nd fiddles, upwardly mobile country folk,  colas and the greater works of Michael Bay.

And Steve's Big Idea totally lacks buzz, on purpose!

It's Episode 39!

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Episode 38 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features Juno-nominated singer-songwriter/Brasstronaut guitarist/radio personality Tariq Hussain!

We managed to catch Tariq between tours and we got to talking about his expansive music history, taking his mom to the Junos and his upcoming Moonwalker EP. It's a nation-spanning trip down memory lane with some great stories from an amazing musician/awesome guy!

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Episode 37 of the Steve and John Power Hour is a globetrotting trip with tales to astound and amaze and hopefully keep your attention for a while.
We talk about England, yoga, eating right and comic book conventions. And we have an amazing giveaway!

But don't worry Powermaniacs, Steve's Big Idea will return in two weeks.

It's Episode 37!

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Episode 36 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features Vancouver pro skater Caleb Davies.

Caleb took some time to chill-out with us and give us an inside look in the world of the sponsored skateboarder. Ever wonder what it takes to ride like a pro? How many gold-gilded decks do you get when you sign to a team? What's the special code to do a 900?

The answer to these questions (maybe) and more (definitely) in Episode 36!

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Episode 35 of the Steve and John Power Hour is like a big chocolate Easter bunny: is it solid and full of goodness or is it a hollow shell filled with only promises. Or is it a peep? Anyway it's the Easter episode.

We talk about recognizable but non-famous actors, getting ready for the '90s again, and John reminds us that kids are not bats. 

And Steve's big idea ends the hunt for the best idea yet!

It's Episode 35!

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Episode 34 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features Vancouver's psychedelic synth experience, The Stolen Organ Family!

Conor Mack, Kelly Badger, Devin "Baby Boy" Bass, Bella McKee and Alex Zandersticks are The Stolen Organ Family Band and John got to hang out with them in their jam space to talk about music, the essence of brown-ness and Ween.

Make sure to stick around after the episode to hear The Stolen Organ Family's "Perfect Driving Record" from the album Cooking with Joyboy. And make sure to check them out online at

It's Episode 34!

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Episode 33 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features the triumphant return of Another One Rides the Bus with DJ / Bus Driver, Chris O'Bray.

Chris joins us in the Tower of Power to talk about composing video game music, driving buses and spinning stacks of wax. And Steve's Big Idea is his most plausible yet, so buckle up!

It's Episode 33!

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Episode 32 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John features one of the hardest working musicians in Vancouver!

Drummer extraordinaire, Al Boyle, joins us to talk about his 15-some-odd bands (Chains of Love, Hard Feelings and Shitty Neighours to name a few), his life going up in music and homemade wine in Croatia. 

Check out Al Boyle online at hrdfeelings.tumblr and check out Chains of Love at SXSW!

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Episode 31 of the Steve and John Power Hour promises to go down in the annuls of history as just that: An episode of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John.

We talk about why we're not doing the Harlem Shake, how much we're like Wayne's World, and which concerts we're amped to check out. And listen to Steve drift into some kind of Boston accent from some reason.

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Episode 30 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is our second foray into the world of interviews and they just keep getting better!

Video game guru Quentin MacMillan (of such titles as Sleeping Dogs, Tron: Evolution and Army of Two) joins us to talk about gaming, the state of the industry and growing up on the Sega Master System.

It's Episode 30!

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Episode 29 of the Steve and John Power Hour is diving off the top rope with nostalgic guffaws and memorable jests.  

We talk about funny movies, Kung-fu rap crews, Valentine's Day topics, and the wild world of professional wrestling.

It's Episode 29!

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Episode 28 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is the first interview show! And who are we featuring for an entire hour of power? Why, it's Hallis Blaney, animation director and all around great dude!

We talk about comic books, My Little Pony, Transformers, industry trends like the importance of tax credits for BC film and animation, and other fun stuff.

It's Episode 28!

Direct download: Episode_28_-_The_Steve_and_John_Power_Hour_with_Hallis_Blaney.mp3
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Episode 27 of the Steve and John Power Hour marks the beginning of our run as a weekly podcast, so fasten your seat belts! 

Even though we're putting out more episodes, it doesn't mean we're going to skimp on the usual pop culture banter you've grown to love! We're talking about Christian Slater, Body Break and ill-fated video game TV shows!

And Steve's Big Idea is pretty darn super!

It's Episode 27!

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Episode 26 of the Steve and John Power Hour is the triumphant one year anniversary episode.

Not only did the show last for a whole spin around the sun, but we also outlasted and overpowered a bunch of celebrity relationships and new TV shows!

And Steve's Big Idea is a real thick slice of brilliance!

It's Episode 26!

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Episode 25 is ringing in the new year with double the hosts and double the fun!

Friend of the podcast and past guest, Sean joins Steve and John all the way from sunny Montreal, and Lauren also returns to the show to big the good times.

And it's a special Steve's Big Idea year in review!

It's Episode 25!

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