The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John

Episode 24 is a gift bag packed with all the Power Hour goodies you can handle!

We're taking about fictional record stores, the nerd food chain, and what it's like to be crazy rich!

And Steve's Big Idea is the most comforting yet!

It's Episode 24!

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Episode 23 is stuffing stockings and it's so full of Christmas cheer it'll make you feel uncomfortable!

We're taking about nicknames, John's impending rap career, and our favourite Vice President. All while unashamedly name dropping Canadian celebrities! Also, we've got some of your Worst Christmas Present Ever stories to make your advent suck less!

And Steve's Big Idea is the holliest and jolliest yet.

It's Episode 23!

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Episode 22 is kicking off the Xmas season in Power Hour Power Land!

We're hopping in the wayback machine and talking about old video games, bad christmas presents and cartoon rude dogs.

And Steve's Big Idea might actually be on to something for once!

It's Episode 22!

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Episode 21 rocking and rolling and ready for your shaken and mildly stirred ears.

We're celebrating Finnish Heritage Day, lamenting slow Chinese food delivery and we're dishing out some real talk/life advice in the customary Steve and John Power Hour style. So, you know. Listener discretion advised, results may vary and all that.

Oh and the latest Steve's Big Idea just might be the most plausible yet!

It's Episode 21!

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Episode 20 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is a spooktacular Halloween fright-fest!

Well, it's not really scary but Steve  did wear a Halloween costume. Teen Sitcoms, Spicy Food and Ancient Operating Systems are in the goodie bags. They also spend a lot of time riffing on Friday the 13th, so it's kind of spooky.

Of course there's still Steve's Big Idea, and FAKE celebrity stories in this trick edition of Star Traxx that's sure to be a treat.

Happy Halloween, you Halloweeners!

It's Episode 20!

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Episode 19 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is fantastical journey through the psyche of two of Vancouver's most fascinating dude's named Steve and John! Grab your compass and join us for a sojourn to the amazing! Also, they talk about movies!

And by movies, they're referring to Robin Hood: Men in Tights, which they are ignoring in the background as they hash out other topics like: Bed Bath and Beyond, Looper and bad impressions.

Also, they have celebrity stories in Star Trax and John's favorite thing in the whole world: Steve's Big Idea!

It's Episode 19!

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Episode 18 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is a super sized extravaganza!
Extra segments! Extra Hosts! Extra Long!

Lauren Venegas, Power Producer and Resident Wife, joins Steve and John behind the mic and brings with her another instalment of Snack to the Future!

We've also got all your favourites like Steve's Big Idea, Celebrity Calls and hilarious banter. And by banter we mean meandering conversation touching on '90s Christian rock, NBC's new show Revolution and hide-and-seek with candy-cane-looking backpackers. All while trying to ignore the movie Tombstone!

This episode is dedicated to our dearly beloved friend Dan Winnick. Happy Birthday, Dan.

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Episode 17 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is like a delicious pizza pie hot out of the oven, so make sure to grab a slice before it gets too cool.

We're tackling hard hitting and timely topics this go-around, like couch removal, late '90s high school fashion and Eiffel 65.

As always we have fan favourite features like Steve Big Idea, where John is amazed by ultra inventive and trendsetting ideas that are brought to the table (not really), and Star Trax featuring calls from friend of the podcast, Cobra and Snackbros' Jeremy Curry.

Remember, we want to hear your celebrity stories so make sure to call the Power Line and record them at 1 (206) 203-0665!

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It's Episode 16 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John and it's a party! A birthday party to be more specific. And the man we're celebrating is none other than taller half of the Power Hour, John Packman!

But besides the feliz cumpleaños festivities, we're also talking about Zombie Walks, Geeks After Dark and Daym Drops.

Plus we have our regular features like Steve Big Idea, which might be his most cutting edge venture yet, and Star Trax is featuring your calls from Tariq Hussain from Brasstronaut and past guest Kevin Hartford. We want to hear your celebrity stories so make sure to call the Power Line and record them at 1 (206) 203-0665!

It's Episode 16!

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Episode 15 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is huge! Huge jokes! Huge Guests! Huge Running Time!

It's a Power hour with ten extra Power Minutes, but with good reason! Dave Shumka from Stop Podcasting Yourself does us a solid and joins us on the phone for some good times and he has some sagely podcasting advice for a couple of fresh faced upstarts like us!

We're also talking about Tom Selleck movies, submarine sandwiches and a lady with real big teeth!

Plus Star Trax is back with more of your stories. We're featuring two great calls and the next couple could be yours so make sure to call the Power Line with your story at 1 (206) 203-0665!

And all you aspiring short-wearers had better pay attention to Steve's Big Idea this time around, because he's got something up his sleeve that will change your life. Maybe for the better? We don't know!

It's Episode 15!

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Episode 14 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is a super sized extravaganza! It's huge! Enormous! It's five minutes longer than usual!

Featuring Power Hour Producer and Pug Wrangler, Lauren Venegas, it's a triple threat of good times. We're talking about Mission to Mars, '90s teen heart throbs and snacks in Lauren's special segment: Snack To The Future.

Plus we're taking more of your calls in Star Trax. And by 'your' we might mean Jesse Locke from Weird Canada, among others. We'll play anything (good) so make sure to call the Power Line with your story at 1 (206) 203-0665!

And of course Steve's Big Idea is in there and Steve's super proud of his latest brainstorm, for some reason.

It's Episode 14!

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Episode 13 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is the most star-studded hour yet! And by 'star-studded' we mean we're showcasing your celebrity stories and brushes with fame in our very special feature: Star Trax!

Featuring calls from friends and listeners including; Colin 'Cobra' Bradley, Evan Petkau and the always charming Kevin Hartford, Star Trax is your chance to get your funny, interesting or amazing stories on the Power Hour. So make sure to call the Power Line with your story at 1 (206) 203-0665!

But enough about you and more about us, Episode 13 has exactly what we love in a Power Hour with Steve's Big Idea, Another One Rides The Bus and observations on everything from The French Connection and popsicles to Wilmer Valderrama and segues.

It's Episode 13!

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Episode 12 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is in the saddle and it's a very special Stampede Episode. And by special Stampede Episode, we mean Steve and John try to find things about the stampede they don't like. Spoiler: It's easy.

But what really makes this Episode so doggone special is none other than THE Jesse Locke of Weird Canada, FFWD and Dirty Beaches fame stopping by for a visit. And by stop by, we mean calls in. And by visit we mean talk about some of the rad stuff going on with Jesse in Toronto. Spoiler: It has something to do with music.

And of course what really REALLY makes this a special episode is the fact you have two of the most fiery co-hosts going and they spit molten gem goodies of chuckles and good times. Spoiler: They talk about movies, actors and Steve's Big Idea.

It's Episode 12!

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Episode 11 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John and it's Clark Kent by day and Superman in the early evening. No? How about: it's like rain on you wedding day. Still no good? How about: It's a comedy/pop culture podcast hosted by Vancouver's best looking Steve and John.

Featuring a visit from our good friend Jeremy Currey of Snackbros (née Japansnack) for an enlightening jaunt down the path of gormandizing and blogging. We'll have answers to all of your questions. Like, What's a snack? Where do I get a snack? Why don't I have any snacks?

If you still have room, there's still tasty treats like Steve's Big Idea that's sure to clean up, and a Another One Rides the Bus takes to the high seas!

So dig in Powerholics, it's Episode 11!

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Episode 10 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John and we're busting out the Cristal because it's a celebration!

Of course by Cristal, we mean very special guest all the way from Montreal, our very good friend Sean Johnston. And he's brought the party with him. Because everybody knows that's what Montrealers do best. Right?

And keeping the good times coming in this star-studded milestone episode, we have an exclusive interview with Christopher Hastings the mind behind the unstoppable webcomic juggernaut that is none other than Dr. McNinja.

Oh and there's Steve's Big Idea and Another One Rides the Bus, too. Not that we're bragging or anything.

It's Episode 10 for all you Power Maniacs out there in the webberverse. Hold on to your butts!

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Episode 9 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is just another example of why over 100 people like us on Facebook. So now there are 9 examples. And by examples, we mean episodes.

So! Episode 9! Very exciting stuff. Possibly the MOST called into episode yet, with a grand total of 3 lucky callers having their Power Line messages included in this very special podcast.

Also in this Episode, Steve and John explore the subtle nuances of the modern cinematic classic Death Wish 2, talk shop, and by shop we mean Archie Comics, the Avengers, and visit stand-by favourites, Steve's Big Idea and Another One Rides the Bus.

And remember, if you like it to share if with people you like and if you don't like it, share it with people you don't like.

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It's been two weeks and it's a Tuesday, so it must be time for Episode 8 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John. And according to our research, that's exactly what time it is!

Eight is great and we've got a huge Episode lined up. We're reaching new levels of podcast outreach with shout-outs from the podcasting sisters at, we hear some BIG news from Power Hour favourite Jesse Lock of Weird Canada and we take time to visit familiar segments like Steve's Big Idea and Another Rides the Bus! And don't forget to call the Power Line 1 (206) 203-0665 to let us know what you got your mother for Mother's Day.

It's the big Ocho for Esteban y Juan and the Poder Hour con Steve and John!

We're not posing, it's just Episode 8 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John. Totally Casual.

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It's Episode 7 of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John and you know what they say about 7! It's a lucky number. It's your lucky number. At least when it comes to podcast episodes of The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John.

There are a few firsts in this episode: It's the first time we have a guest with us in studio! Our very good friend Kevin Hartford from Halifax, Nova Scotia, joins us in Vancouver to make this edition a hilarious pan-Canadian endeavour. This episode is also the first time we play a fan message from the Power Line  1 (206) 203-0665 where you can call in and let us know what you have to say!

But don't worry! We still have your favourites like Steve's Big Idea, Another One Rides the Bus and all the shenanigans you've come to expect and love from Steve and John.

So if you like stories about hair removal products, comic books, movies and Canadian teleivision, you're in for a treat.

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Episode 6 of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is here and th world rejoices. That is to say, the people who listen to this podcast rejoice. Or maybe they're just a kinda happy. It's hard to say what people really do when they find out a new episode of the Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John is unleashed into the wild. How about you? Do you rejoice?

Anyway, Episode 6 is milestone event for Steve and John. It's the first time a guest will join them on air. Or online. Or on podcast!

Jesse Locke of and the band Dirty Beaches calls in to talk about touring Europe, tattoos and various topics that pertain to young troubadours and roustabouts.

Steve and John talk about childhood friends, Steve has another Steve's Big Idea that will launch your social life into the stratosphere, John has continued adventures on public transit on Another One Rides The Bus and Hashtag Beatdown is just that: a beatdown involving a hash tag.

Buckle your seat belts and get ready for Episode 6!

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The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John - Episode 5

Oh look, we're all the way up to Episode 5! At this rate, there's probably going to be an episode 6 in two weeks. It's almost like we're on a schedule or something.

Anyway, back to Episode 5. This is a pretty good episode. Probably one of the better ones. The usual arrangement of Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John segments are kicking around, like Steve's Big Ideas, Another One Rides The Bus and Hashtag Beatdown.

But this time we're reaching out. We're answering listener questions. Who's the listener? What are the questions? Well you're going to have to listen to find out. And if you are the listener who took the time to ask us for advice, you probably already know what's coming. If you didn't take the time to ask us for advice, let this be a lesson to you.

And the lesson is: hard work pays off.

And another lesson is: wash your hands often.

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The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John - Episode 4

The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John just keeps getting more powerful. And by that we mean better. And by better we mean there is now a theme song to The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John.

Who made this amazing theme song, you ask? Well, none other than our very own John Packman. His techno wizardry can also be heard on the other musical elements in the show, so keep your ears peeled. is that an expression?

We're talking about movies, '90s music and we tackle familiar segments like Another One Rides The Bus, Steve's Big Ideas and Hashtag Beatdown.

So get comfortable and enjoy another hour of power with your favourite Steve and John.

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The Steve and John Power Hour with Steve and John - Episode 3

Has it already been three episodes? Yes, yes it has.
Steve and John talk about movies, potential regular segments for episodes to come and another brilliant invention of sorts. They also talk about a lot of other fun stuff too!
So now that they've completed the trilogy, they're going to keep going. If George Lucas taught us anything, it's never stop at three.

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After overwhelming positive feedback from our fans and parents, we managed to pull together another show.
So if you like listening to two grown men talk about movies, science class and taking public transit, you’ll like Episode 2.
If you don’t like any of those things, Episode 3 will be here soon enough.

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Maybe you’ve met Steve Venegas and John Packman before. Maybe you haven’t.
If you haven’t, this is probably be a good place to get to know them.
If you have, this is probably the next best thing to spending time with them.
If you don’t want to do either, this is probably a bad place to be. If that’s the case, you should probably leave.
If you do stay, try to remember: they’re new at this.

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